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Scarborough Group International and Kevin McCabe have a long-term interest in leisure,
predominantly football, most notably a 50% stake in Sheffield United, Football Club.

Football โ€“ THE BLADES

Esplanade now controls Sheffield United FC equally in tandem with our Saudi Arabian partner, Prince Abdullah Bin Mosaad Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. Additionally, Esplanade via Sheffield United Limited, directly own the historic Bramall Lane Stadium - "the home of football", together with the Blades state of the art Academy at Shirecliffe, Sheffield.

Sheffield United FC

This famous football club - the world's "oldest United"
is based in the City of Sheffield and known to its fans internationally as The Blades.



Esplanade oversees the management of the 158 bedroom,
4 Star Hotel at Bramall Lane, Sheffield operated by Millennium Copthorne.


ScarNov UK was established in 2015 to sell and distribute Novell Coffee in to the UK market. This is a 50/50 partnership with Barcelona based Novell who are already our partners in the Hong Kong Espuma Coffee Shop business. We have offices and warehousing facilities in Sheffield, Leeds and London and an established footprint for wholesaling fine coffee.

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