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Press Release


VSoftCo Ltd, a specialist software development company in the global virtual sports market, announces that it has entered into a multi-year agreement with Impresora Internacional de Valores S.A (IVISA) a leading provider of lottery solutions in Argentina.


This partnership will see VSoftCo distribute their complete portfolio of virtual football content to IVISA retail outlets and online websites. This will include, all virtual football products including the first integration of VSoftCo’s new market leading league format, offering over 3000 betting options every game.


The partnership will also see VSoftCo use their market leading BSE system to deploy a full suite of virtual games to IVISA online.


Simon Westbury, Managing Director of VSoftCo said: “This partnership is very exciting for VSoftCo as we are partnering with the large provider of lottery solutions in Argentina. Additionally, we are expanding our products into Argentina for the first time and using our BSE system to deploy a full suite of virtual content online. We cannot think of a better partner to launch our operations in Argentina with and I am confident that we can support IVISA and their customers in growing their existing business.”


Dario Rosenzvit, CEO, IVISA, commented: “We are very confident that the content that VSoftCo is bringing to this partnership will be a game changer in the portfolio of games delivered by IVISA in the Omni channel that includes casinos, lottery parlours and online content to our patrons that very soon will have the possibility of gambling with our most popular sport through virtual matches.”


VSoftCo Ltd, a specialist software development company in the global virtual sports market, announces that it has entered into a multi-year agreement with Inbet Games a leading platform provider of omni-channel gaming software.


This partnership will see VsoftCo integrate their complete portfolio of virtual football content to Inbet Games platform. This will include, all virtual football products including the first integration of VSoftCo’s new market leading league format, offering over 3000 betting options every game.


The partnership will also see VSoftCo integrate Inbet Games market leading retail and online content furthering VSoftCo’s offering to their existing client base.


Simon Westbury, Managing Director of VSoftCo said: “This partnership is very exciting for VSoftCo as we are partnering with the largest terminal network in the CIS region. Additionally, we are gaining access to Inbet Games market leading lottery games which is very exciting as we expand our gaming portfolio. We cannot think of a better partner to launch our virtual football products with and I am confident that we can support Inbet and their customers in growing their existing business.”


Pavel Korolev, Business Development Director, Inbet Games, commented: “At Inbet Games we see great potential in our collaboration with VSoftCo, as their games will add substantial value to our land based solution. At the same time this partnership is a key towards entering the UK market and expanding our terminal network further.”


Notes to Editors:

About VSoftCo

VSoftCo is a specialist software development company in the global virtual sports market. Over the past five years, the company has developed a highly sophisticated suite of products, largely focused on virtual football with Fantastic League and Spot the Ball, but also including virtual horse and greyhound racing. Through continuous improvement and investment in its products, VSoftCo aims to keep at the forefront of the virtual sports games market, creating the best virtual games on the market. VSoftCo currently has distribution partnerships covering the UK, Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, Asia, North America and Latin America.


For more information please visit: www.vsoftco.com


About Inbet Games:

InBet Games is a b2b solutions provider for lottery, betting and gaming companies. Over the last fifteen years the company has taken leading position in the CIS gaming/lottery space, established stable growth in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa; supplying and serving betting solutions for more than fifteen thousand game clubs and lottery shops.

For more information please visit: www.inbetgames.com

Blades unveil plans for Boundary Corner Posted: 14th Feb 2017


Exciting plans to further develop the land surrounding Sheffield United’s stadium, have been unveiled….and it could see Blades fans living the dream!

The Blades are seeking to develop the Cherry Street / Shoreham Street Corner and have submitted a planning application that will see the development Boundary Corner, (a nod towards the stadium’s footballing/cricketing heritage), a four storey largely residential building which will feature an impressive ground floor new Club retail outlet.


The 21st century Blades Superstore, will replace and double the size of the current one at the South Stand. It will feature a fan zone. The existing Club shop could be used as a conference or event facility.


The site currently hosts some car parking for Sheffield United. Planners have welcomed the principle of a development in the location, where a strong, contemporary architectural proposal has been designed whilst sensitively considering the nearby properties.


The scheme – drawn-up by Sheffield United’s retained architects WCEC – features in long term business plans from the owners focussing on ever improving stadium facilities contributing robustly to the future business performance of the Club. Scarborough International Properties is project managing the development at Cherry Street / Shoreham Street Corner.

“The corner site we are developing could fulfil a dream for some of our supporters – a chance to live at the home of football! It will also enable the Club to expand the Superstore,” said Sheffield United Director Simon McCabe.


Fellow Director Scott McCabe said: “Significantly it is part of a route we are taking whereby we have identified several opportunities to further develop and improve the ground and the immediate surrounding area as we seek to build a broader commercial, leisure and entertainment offer, developing additional revenue streams to support the aim of supporting United’s return to the upper levels of the English game.

“Further development of the stadium area is a positive move to enhance income streams, ultimately supporting our plans for the key football side of the business,” added Scott.

The proposals come in the wake of extensive modernisation undertaken in recent years including the installation of a state of the art Desso pitch giving the Club greater use of the ground for events and other activities during close seasons.

“We are working on several exciting projects to bring new activities and events to Bramall Lane soon,” said Simon McCabe.

WCEC’s Chief Executive Ashley Turner said: "We are delighted to be working as architects for Sheffield United. Following on from now completed projects such as the Westfield Corner Stand and Copthorne Hotel, we will take great pride in further enhancing what is an already superb venue starting with the Cherry Street and Shoreham Street developments.”


Other proposals under consideration for the stadium include:


Chaucer’s Yard (Countess Road) – formerly a cutlery casting workshop and is Grade II listed in part. The site is located immediately off John Street and Countess Road and is situated within the John Street Conservation Area. Pre-application discussions have begun with the local authority, assessing the feasibility of new residential and commercial space alongside a refurbished Chaucer Yard development.


Bramall Lane / Cherry Street Residential – WCEC is appraising the viability for an eight-storey residential development in two blocks on the Bramall Lane / Cherry Street corner adjacent to the Copthorne Hotel.


Kop Extension / Business Centre (Kop to South Stand Corner) - Planning permission has been retained for a 3,200-seat extension at the back of the existing Kop, including a new roof and over trusses to allow the four existing roof support columns to be removed and the introduction of a new concourse with improved facilities.


As part of this scheme permission was also granted for a new Business Enterprise Centre on stilts in the Kop/South Stand corner, allowing entry/exit routes to/from the Kop and South Stand to remain.


John Street / Shoreham Street residential - Planning permission has been retained and obtained for a three and four storey residential development consisting of 52 apartments on the corner of John Street / Shoreham Street


John Street Corner Stand Executive Boxes - Assessments are ongoing for a concept proposal to create additional executive boxes at high level at the back of the corner stand. Detailed costings will determine if the project is viable.


South Stand - Clean and improve the façade, creating a matching look with the hotel and a clearer identity to the component parts of the stand. 

VSoftCo deepens relationship with Sheffield United Football Club Posted: 22nd Nov 2016


VSoftCo Ltd, a specialist software development company in the global virtual sports market, announces that it has deepened its relationship with Sheffield United Football Club. As part of the continued improvement of the market leading Fantastic League Single Game and the new dynamic league version, VSoftCo recently undertook a week of motion capture filming at the Sheffield United Football Club.


The motion capture work focused on developing new sequences to be incorporated into the only Real Time rendered football game in the market which is proven to maximise player enjoyment. In order to ensure this continued advantage over VSoftCo’s competitors the company has increased their existing library of sequences, as well as filming new events to add even more realism to the game. These new events include the use of red cards and player injuries that will allow additional bet markets for the customers and also increased reality, by using professional footballers the highest level of realism has been achieved.


Simon Westbury, Managing Director at VSoftCo, said: “We are delighted to combine our experience as a market leader in virtual football products with Sheffield United Football Club, a club with a deep and rich history.


It is beyond doubt that the work that we have undertaken will be of great benefit to our existing Fantastic League virtual games portfolio as well as our branded virtual football game VStriker. By constantly improving our product we are demonstrating our commitment to ensuring that our virtual games remain at the forefront of the virtual gaming space.”

VSoftCo announces new Asian expansion Posted: 15th Nov 2016


VSoftCo Ltd, a specialist software development company in the global virtual sports market, announces that it has opened an Asia region office in Hong Kong to support VSoftCo’s expansion into the Asian market.


The new office will provide localised client facing services and account management in support of VSoftCo’s development into the Asian market. VSoftCo, which is part of the Scarborough Group, will look to build on its parent’s existing links in Asia which have to date been based on wider group activity. 


Eric Liang has been appointed as VSoftCo’s Director for Asia and will be working on developing partnerships to ensure that VSoftCo is at the forefront of the virtual sports market in Asia.


Simon Westbury, Managing Director at VSoftCo commented: “As part of our global expansion plans and in keeping with our business principles of being as close as possible to our partners, we are pleased to announce the opening of our Asian office.


In recent years we have seen VSoftCo expand in Europe, North America and Latin America. This latest expansion will ensure that VSoftCo is in the best position possible as we double our efforts in the expanding Asian market.”

VsoftCo secures partnership with Iforium Posted: 8th Nov 2016


VSoftCo Ltd, a specialist software development company in the global virtual sports market, announces that it has entered into a multi-year agreement with Iforium the leading provider of multi-vendor casino software.


This partnership will see VsoftCo integrate their complete portfolio of virtual football content to Iforium’s Gamflex casino platform. This will include, all virtual football products including the first integration of VStriker, the exciting joint venture between VSoftCo and The Striker comic strip that first appeared in The Sun newspaper in 1985. As well as VSoftCo’s casino based table games, it will also include the exciting roulette version of Spot the Ball.


Simon Westbury, Managing Director of VSoftCo said: “This partnership is very exciting for VSoftCo as it sees the first distribution deal of our JV VStriker and the launch of our new table games which incorporate a new twist on existing favourites such as roulette. We cannot think of a better partner to launch these new products with and we are confident that we can support Iforium and their customers in growing their existing business.”


Phil Parry, CEO of Iforium commented: “I am delighted to confirm our agreement with VSoftCo and welcome the addition of their innovative content to the Gameflex platform. It’s an important statement that Iforium have been able to secure the first distribution deal with VSoftCo for their exciting VStriker game. The quality of VStriker along with VSoftCo’s table games and roulette version of the classic game Spot The Ball will help to further differentiate the Gameflex offering. I am excited about this partnership with VSoftCo and I look forward to imminently launching their content to our operators.”

VSoftCo forms joint venture with football comic Striker Posted: 3rd Nov 2016


Virtual sports software company VSoftCo Ltd has teamed up with football comic Striker to create the world’s first branded virtual soccer game.


The partnership - between VSoftCo and Striker creator Pete Nash – will be in the form of a joint venture called VStriker Ltd. The company will produce 3D-animated versions of an online betting game and a social game based on a new concept called Striker World Soccer League.


Both game versions will integrate with the serialised Striker storylines in The Sun - Britain’s biggest-selling daily paper – and Striker’s Planet Striker YouTube channel, which shows daily motion comic video versions of the newspaper strip. A weekly Striker comic is due to launch in the New Year.


Striker World Soccer League will herald a new era of the 31-year-old Striker comic, which is followed by 1.8 million readers in The Sun. The episodes will follow the creation of a world club football league, comprising fictitious teams from real cities around the world.


Although the story will kick off in the UK, it is envisaged that each country with a participating team will eventually run their own storylines.


The games will be powered by the only real-time rendered football animation technology created by VSoftCo. Brand new motion capture technology – sourced from professional footballers at Sheffield United – will make Striker World Soccer League one of the most lifelike virtual games on the market.  


Simon Westbury, Managing Director at VSoftCo, said: “This joint venture is a hugely exciting opportunity to extend the audience and geographical reach of our gaming software products and to help develop Striker into a global brand.”


Pete Nash said: “I’m delighted to be launching this new venture with VSoftCo. Striker is already produced with 3D software but VSoftCo’s expertise in animation and gaming will help to make Striker even more realistic, while Striker in turn will inject drama and fun into virtual gaming.


“And Striker fans will be able to interact and engage with the brand through a series of unique initiatives.”

VSoftCo appoints Scott Cameron as Group Operations Manager Posted: 28th Jul 2016

VSoftCo Ltd, a specialist software development company in the global virtual sports market, announces that it has appointed Scott Cameron as Group Operations Manager.


Reporting to Simon Westbury, Director of Sales, Scott will have full operational responsibilities within the company and will oversee the implementation of all software, developing the range of services and ensuring the highest levels of client satisfaction.


Scott brings more than thirteen years of vast operational experience within multi-national companies such as Mars, McCain Foods and PepsiCo UK. His responsibilities included implementing significant site changes to the supply chain, enabling a cost saving of £1.7 million a year for Mc Cain Foods and delivering successful installation and system integration for all UK sites and software.


Scott Cameron, Group Operations Manager, said: I’m delighted to be joining VsoftCo and working with a fantastic team of experienced industry professionals. My primary aim is to keep the business focused on growth and performance and to continue to set the benchmark for where service levels should be in our industry.”

Simon Westbury, Managing Director at VSoftCo, said : "Scott will be a great asset to the VSoftCo team and we are delighted to have him on board. We are currently enhancing our product portfolio, and looking to expand our platform and Scott's experience will be intrinisic in keeping VSoftCo at the forefront of the virutal sports games market".

Anglo-Chinese Consortium Sign Agreement For New €230 Million Powerplant In Serbia Posted: 19th Jul 2016

Anglo-Chinese Consortium Sign Agreement For New €230 Million Powerplant In Serbia

UK-based Scarborough Group International ("Scarborough") and state-owned China National Electric Engineering Co ("CNEEC") (together, the "Consortium") announce that they have signed an Engineering, Procurement and Construction ("EPC") agreement for the development of a new €230 million (US$255 million), 240 MW, combined cycle natural gas fueled heat and power plant project in the city of Loznica, Serbia. Under the agreement CNEEC will undertake the construction of the entire project.

Once the project is approved by government authorities, construction of Phase I, providing 120 MW, will start as early as the end of 2016, and become operational by the end of 2018 and Phase II, for the remaining 120MW is expected to be delivered about one year later.

The Consortium has also got the support from a Chinese state-owned bank, to finance the project; Sinosure (China’s Export & Credit Insurance Corporation), which could provide export credit insurance on the financing package, also expresses its interest in the project.

Scarborough acquired the Loznica project several years ago from the Serbian government under a privatisation scheme and the intervening period has been spent liaising extensively with relevant Serbian government divisions and Chinese authorities including the country’s Embassy to Serbia. The target of the project is to change the old-fashioned coal-fired power plant into a clean energy natural gas power plant.

The project will provide Serbia with a significant number of both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ benefits including:

  • a significant boost to local economy
  • a strengthening of strategic ties between China and Serbia
  • a reduction in dependency on imported electricity, improving energy security
  • a tangible step towards becoming harmonized with EU directives of Third Energy Package
  • no need for state guarantees, this is a private-sector investment by Anglo-Chinese consortium of Scarborough Group and CNEEC with China Development Bank
  • the creation of highly skilled jobs; new employment for 150+ people locally
  • a boost for local economy with engagement of local sub-contractors for at least 20% of works
  • a tax revenue boost locally and nationally
  • the reduction in environmental impact of EPS’s carbon footprint
  • The Loznica plant is situated in a geographically strategic location, at the crossroads of key high voltage electrical transmission lines, adjacent to international gas pipelines, with the ability to supply both the domestic market as well as exporting electricity production to regional markets in south and central eastern Europe.

Kevin McCabe, chairman of Scarborough Group International, commented: "After years of hard work we are now very close to getting this project off the ground. This would not be the case but for the vision and perseverance of the Chinese and the Serbian governments, the hard work of their respective ministries and state enterprises, the cooperation of the Chinese Embassy to Serbia and ,of course the support of the Mayor and community of Loznica."

Mr Liao Shengsong, Vice President of CNEEC, added: "These are milestone agreements, opening the doors for greater cooperation between Serbia and China especially with our partners, Scarborough. Furthermore, CNEEC will work to promote local economic growth and development of clean energy in Serbia. We will provide high-quality projects so as to pursue common development under the principle of reciprocity and enhance friendship between China and Serbia."

We are ready to kick off the project, looking forward to its success, and working hard toward this goal underway.

VSoftCo appoints Daniel Velazquez as Project Manager Posted: 13th Jan 2016

VSoftCo Ltd, a specialist software development company in the global virtual sports market, announces that it has appointed Daniel Velazquez as Project Manager to strengthen its presence in the virtual gaming industry.


In his role as Project Manager, Daniel will oversee the development of the VSoftCo portal and will be responsible for liaising with the game developers and publishers.


Daniel brings more than 20 years’ experience as a project manager in the IT industry. From 2001 he worked at Avanade becoming Senior Project Manager, where he worked across a diverse range of clients, such as the Spanish Government and Shell. His responsibilities included implementing strategy and project managing the transition from onshore to offshore for Avanade Australia.


Daniel Velazquez, Project Manager at VSoftCo, said: “I’m delighted to join VSoftCo. Its innovative approach to platform delivery and development of highly-sophisticated products was really attractive to me. It is an exciting time to be involved in the business.”


Simon Westbury, Director of Sales at VSoftCo, said: “Daniel brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to VSoftCo. His extensive experience in project management and delivering for large-scale enterprise solutions will be a valuable addition to the business."

Leading coffee brand reaches milestone figure Posted: 13th Nov 2015

More than half a million cups of specialist Spanish coffee have been sold in the UK since April, thanks to leading international coffee brand, Cafés Novell.

Cafes, hotels, coffee houses and bars across the country have between them served customers 500,000 cups of Cafés Novell coffee and the clients and their customers are taking the time to enjoy ‘The Perfect Cup’.

Cafés Novell, one of Spain’s top coffee roasters which launched in the UK earlier this year to great success, is involved in the global sourcing, selecting, roasting and distribution of high quality coffee to businesses across the world – and now the UK is getting a taste for the premium quality products the company offers.

Phil White, managing director of Cafés Novell UK, said: “Since our launch into the UK market in late April, we have seen our customer base go from strength to strength so it’s fantastic to have reached half a million cups sold across the country.

“We are continually expanding as word spreads about our range of premium coffee and our high level of customer centric business model. It is our aim to make sure coffee drinkers up and down the country are being served ‘the Perfect Cup’ and we look forward to building on this success further and reaching the next milestone figure of 1 million cups in the coming months”

Cafés Novell is recognised across the globe for its commitment to both selecting the best ‘UTZ Certified’ coffee beans - which means the company is supporting the coffee industry’s sustainability through better farming methods - and its environmental impact reduction techniques.

Along with its focused customer service, this helps to ensure clients across all areas of the food and drink sector maintain the highest quality in every cup on Novell coffee produced.

As well as a range of premium coffees, Cafés Novell also offers specialist herbal teas and hot and cold infusions, including wild berries, chilli truffle and mojito iced tea, together with a vast array of Hot Chocolate drinks including the extremely popular traditional Spanish hot chocolate available in dark, milk and white chocolate.

For more information about Cafés Novell, visit www.cafesnovell.co.uk or follow us @cafesnovelluk.

McCabe’s Scarborough agrees international joint venture for £600 million residential schemes in Manchester Posted: 2nd Jul 2014

The McCabe family’s Scarborough Group International ("Scarborough"), the UK and international real estate investor and developer, has secured funding for two major residential developments on the edge of Manchester from two publicly-listed Far Eastern property groups. The gross development value for the two schemes is around £600 million.

Scarborough has entered into a joint venture with Top Spring International Holdings Limited, a Hong Kong-listed real estate developer in the People’s Republic of China and Metro Holdings Limited, a Singapore-listed property development and investment group to develop Scarborough’s sites at phase II of Milliners Wharf, a canal side development in New Islington, Manchester, and Middlewood Locks, a 23.6 acre site at the western gateway of Manchester and centred around the former Manchester Bolton & Bury Canal.

Top Spring and Metro are making their first investments in the UK real estate market and will each hold 25% of the joint venture, with Scarborough retaining the 50% balance.

Phase II of Milliners Wharf, which has a gross development value of £30 million, branded "the Hat Box" will, on completion, provide 144, studio, one, two and three-bedroom luxury apartments in an eight storey building, on the Ashton Canal, having easy access to Manchester’s city centre. Construction is to commence in summer 2014 with completion expected during 2016.

Phase I of the Milliners Wharf scheme, acquired by Scarborough in 2010 and comprising 261 apartments is almost fully sold at prices between £100,000 and £250,000.

Middlewood Locks, which has a gross development value of £575 million, is planned to provide a vibrant new neighbourhood with up to 2,000 new homes along with mixed commercial uses including offices, shops, delis, restaurants, a convenience store, nursery and gym.

There will be a mix of apartments and houses available to help cater for a wide mix of occupiers from first time buyers, families to ‘empty nesters’. The homes will be designed in a way to make the most of the landscaping incorporating private and public spaces. Part of the landscaping strategy is to connect the green spaces with the canal, incorporate a woodland theme and an adventure playground to accommodate the new community.

The site already has an outline planning consent for 2.6 million sq ft of residential-led, mixed-use development, but an additional 2.6 acre section of the site acquired recently is expected to increase the gross development area, once outline planning consent has also been granted for this additional section. Over the course of 2014, Scarborough will be bringing forward its development plans to accommodate a start on site of phase 1, during the first half of 2015.

Kevin McCabe, Chairman of Scarborough, said: "I have known and worked with the Directors and management teams of Top Spring and Metro for many years through Scarborough’s extensive activities in China, and have the utmost respect for them.

"They are as excited as we are to be developing high-quality, new homes in one of the UK’s most vibrant, cosmopolitan and progressive regions. There is very strong demand for housing in the central Manchester area and, as in many parts of the UK, a shortage of supply, so we are confident that both our projects will be well received".

Mr. Chun Hong Wong, Chairman and CEO of Top Spring, commented: "We have worked extensively with Scarborough in the People's Republic of China, over the last ten years, and are pleased to be continuing our partnership with them in the UK, along with Metro, to deliver two high-quality residential developments in an area of the UK where there is a shortage of good-quality housing supply".

Lt-Gen (Retd) Winston Choo Wee Leong, Chairman of Metro Holdings, added: "These Manchester projects are Metro's first foray into the UK real estate market, and with the Manchester residential market being particularly dynamic, we are confident that this investment will be a huge success.

"We are extremely pleased to be partnering with the Scarborough Group, a long-term trusted partner of both Top Spring and Metro, and a respected and experienced developer".

McCabe’s Esplanade International opens its first Espuma Coffee House in Hong Kong Posted: 2nd Jul 2014

Ben Littman, Sainsbury’s Development Manager for Wales, said: “We are delighted that our store will complement the new retail, leisure and housing to be built for the town. At our public information day in 2012, more than 95% of attendees said they wanted to see a Sainsbury’s in Talbot Green, so this is clearly popular with the local community.”  

Mark Jackson, Managing Director of Scarborough Development Group, added: “Now that Sainsbury’s is committed to opening a new store, we can push on with our proposals for phase 2 of the development. Once complete, Talbot Green’s new town centre will become an important leisure and retail destination for the surrounding area.”

Andy Richardson, Head of UK Development for Valad Europe, commented: “Securing consent for the development of a Sainsbury’s store marks a significant milestone for the first phase of the Talbot Green development programme.”

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